Proposed Re-Zoning

The Corridor Strategic Plan
proposes a gateway statue at
the North Highway roundabout,
commemorating the origin of”
Canoe Place” by showing
Native Americans portaging a
canoe. The photo at right
shows an example of this type
of outdoor art in Port Jefferson,
where the subject is

Hampton Bays Corridor Stategic Plan
Southampton's Master Plan
Southampton Town Board

7.D.viii) Public-Private Partnerships
Public-private partnerships involve both non-profit and for profit private
entities in the provision of municipal improvements and community services.
They are also used to generate municipal revenue, as when private firms
purchase licensing agreements to utilize municipal property in a profit making
venture that also serves the community. The Cablevision franchise
agreement discussed above is one such example of a public-private
partnership in which the Town is paid for the use of the public right-of-way
so that a private company can sell a service (cable tv) to the community.
That agreement is Town-wide, and the service area includes Hampton Bays
as a matter of course. A rather different kind of public-private partnership,
and one that is specific to the hamlet, is the Hampton Bays Beautification
Association, which provides aesthetic improvements to public spaces through
initiatives involving private volunteers, local businesses and local and County
The draft Hampton Bays Corridor Strategic Plan suggests that public-private
partnerships be considered for planning and coordinating development at key
locations in the hamlet such as the canal area and the section of Montauk
Highway backing onto Good Ground Park and the proposed new North
Main Street. Such public-private partnerships could simply involve
coordinated planning, with the Town and area property owners collaborating
on a mutually desirable development vision for these locations, resulting in
appropriate zoning amendments if needed. It could also involve municipal
incentives such as density bonuses, infrastructure improvements or tax

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