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17 Aug 2012    Time to Wake Up and Participate

It Appears to those of us very familiar with the case that the
Town of Southampton is actively pursuing an ongoing assault on Club and Bar Owners
that originated from a Night Club Planning Study prepared for
Department of Land Management
Southampton Town Hall
conducted and prepared by a third party
LLC. based in Melville NY in April 2003

     For those of us familiar with the History and Local Knowledge of the Night Clubs and the Many Positive Effects that they brought to Hampton Bays in the 80s and early 90s including a ton of businesses, real estate rentals, real estate purchases by investors from all over NY, to the thousands of summer jobs created by these Night Clubs, not to mention the cash flow that poured into Hampton Bays and Southampton, we the people, recognize the extreme bias that can be found throughout the Study in their obvious effort to reach a conclusion that allowed the Town of Southampton to adapt policies and the mechanisms to enforce and impose extreme penalties not to mention soon after creating codes and policies that would cripple these business owners in their effort to shut down Night Clubs and Bars throughout the Hamptons without any push back or any public knowledge of their intent and unconstitutional enactment of policy based on simply a study conducted by a party based outside of the Hamptons. Your Business Today is Hurting because of the Unintended Consequences of stripping Hampton Bays of its Natural Resources and Staple Crops - * Night Clubs * Bars * House Shares * Commercial Fishing Regulations * This is the reason your business is floundering and the housing market in your area is depressed tremendously and why there are vacant storefronts and homes throughout your neighborhood. You must throw out the progressive, democrats and liberals in 2012, then you must push back to restore your natural resources and Staple crops by attending and voicing your opinions at every board meeting held, Fight Back Hampton Bays Now and reclaim your hamlet and your constitutional right to conduct business including reopening many of the vacant Night Clubs by repealling or undoing many if not all rules and regulations imposed and enforced by the Town of Southampton. The Vlahadamis Family needs your support because they are not only fighting to save their businesses, they are fighting to save yours as well. Our Freedom to conduct business and secure our own private property is under attack and if these corrupt individuals remain in power we will all suffer. Time to Stand Up and be Counted in the 2012 elections. Vote Republican or Suffer indefinately.

8 Jun 2012    My Plan to Revive Hampton Bays

     Okay Hampton Bays, It's time to step up and take back your hamlet, Southampton Town Officials, Legislators and Code Enforcement Officers have been strong arming you into submission whether you are wiling to admit it or not, They want your property and are purposely creating an unfriendly business environment in an effort to de-value your homes, property, and businesses.

     You Ask Why would they do that? Simple Answer, They want to steal your hamlet so they can expand their elitist socially progressive ideology into Hampton Bays doing it with as little money as possible. They need you out of Hampton Bays as quick as possible so their cronies can buy up your land and homes for pennies on the dollar. They are creating and working with not-for-profit organizations using the environmental, sustainabililty, agenda 21, quality of life, and green movement hoopla to push you out and confiscate your property through high taxation, fines, enforcement of harsher regulations, and eventually using eminent domain. To do this without raising suspicion they must do it without being obvious, they are following a progressive system outlined in various agenda 21 guidebooks and handbooks, This is not a conspiracy theory, this is fact, if you are not convinced, i recommend you start attending some of these progressive meetings to learn for yourself what is in the works for your hamlet.

     They will ridicule you and deny their true intentions until blue in the face because the minute Hampton Bays learns of their future site plans, the gig will be up and they will have to change their strategy which will set them back at least a few more years. The People of Hampton Bays better wake up soon or you will lose your hamlet to the Southampton Town Borg. When that happens you will not be able to afford to live in Hampton Bays anymore and you will be nudged out without realizing what happened to you and your property. Southampton Town is not your friend and will never be, they think very little of you and want you out asap.

     For those of you who lived in Hampton Bays during the 70's, 80's, and Early 90's you know how popular Hampton Bays was and how everyone was making money and conducting amazing business all year round especially during the Summer months. If you deny this truth then you are delusional or simply out of touch with Reality. For those of you who remember the prosperity and fun times everyone enjoyed, it's time for you to understand what happened to change that. If you believe it was the global economy, stock market crash, internet bubble, housing bubble, or anything else the lame stream media has fed you, you are sadly and hopelessly mistaken. If that was all true, then Hampton Bays will never return to prosperity because all those excuses are never going to return or peak as they once did because the new regulations imposed on those markets will never allow that to happen again, They say those regulations were implemented to protect us, in reality, it was regulations placed on the banks by Barney Franks, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and the Democrat controlled congress that forced banks to de-regulate their loan qualifications and to allow people who would not normally qualify for mortgages be given mortgages and loans if they were breathing. This led to AIG, creating and bundling mortgages using derivatives and other complex mathematical formulas to sell mortgages across the world and the rest is history with a few ponzi schemes mixed in. Government stepping in to REGULATE BANKS started the entire mess and we are all stuck paying for their incompetence.

     Why did I bring this up? Simple, Southampton Government is trying to REGULATE YOUR BUSINESS which shows our incompetence for allowing them to do this after we saw what happened on the federal level. We have a progressive liberal idiologue as a President and a leftist administration which has trickled down into our local governments. These are not Business people, they are spoon fed politicians and social elitists that get off on regulating business owners, True Business People believe in Free Markets, very little regulation, low taxes, and a business friendly town board. We have none of this, and it is time we change that by accepting the responsibility and taking charge of the situation. 

     Ask our:  Fisherman, Club Owners, Restaurant Owners, Bar Owners, Storefront Owners, Homeowners, Business Owners, Cafe Owners, Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople, and many other industries, effected by REGULATIONS created, imposed and enforced unconstitutionally by Southampton Town. It's Time We Take Action!

     HOW TO FIX? Simple Solution, so simple it's absurd, Before I get to the how to fix the problem, we must understand the problem itself and it is not any of the excuses mentioned earlier.

     Let's start by admitting Hampton Bays has a problem, HAMPTON BAYS HAS A PROBLEM!
Next we must understand and admit that we were responsible for its fall from prosperity, Why? because we allowed Southampton to REGULATE US we did not fight for our right to conduct business our way, We allowed them to take control of us and they took advantage of our weakness as any town government would if they did not receive any resistance or push back from its residents, we allowed a few individual left wing loons to dictate to us how we conduct our business and how we maintain our properties. The Majority of us were asleep, or too busy to realize what was going on around us, Well now that you are no longer too busy with your business its time to take back your hamlet once and for all. 


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